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You’re in the right place if you give from the heart, and you are driven by your soul.

“Business and love are not clashing ideologies.

You can love what you do AND make great money.

You can be giving, connected and feminine AND achieve brilliant success.

You are unique.
You are perfectly imperfect.
You got this…and I got you!

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#83 Spotlight Series: Intuition with Denise Litchfield

Spotlight Series: Intuition with Denise Litchfield

Today I'm talking with Denise Litchfield about intuition! It's going to be a juicy one! Here is what we're talking about on this episode: Why as a woman in business, you should use your intuition. Already using your...

The Workshop Model

For this video I'm doing something different, the Workshop Model! A different business model for generating leads in your business. We'll talk about: Using your offline world to build your online presence. Free workshops, paid workshops and networking events The...

Set Your Course up for Success with Your Mind

Today we're talking about the mindset behind setting up and launching a course. We'll talk about: Dealing with self-doubt before launching your course Noticing your beliefs about your business Staying in your zone of genius Using daily mindset habits Let's get into...