Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello, amazing entrepreneur! Welcome to Day 2 of #tashmas on this episode 134 of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

Because it’s the second day of #tashmas, you’re going to get an awesome special offer as well as some really juicy insights that are going to help you move your business forward.

Today I’m going to share with you one of the biggest mistakes you might be making when you go to in-person events such as workshops, conferences, maybe you go to meet-ups.

I’m going to share with you the one mistake that you might be making when you go to those events and how to solve it with 3 simple questions.

Let’s get started…


I often have people come up to me and say that they really struggle to make friends at in-person events.

Even when I’ve organised my own tours and conferences, one of the biggest objections or hesitations that people have is that they’re not sure that they’re going to get great value out of it and they feel really uncomfortable being in front of so many people.

“Maybe I don’t know anyone.”

“Maybe I’m not going to have any friends.”

“Maybe it’s going to be really hard for me to step out of my comfort zone.”

“I’d rather stay home in my PJs and hide behind my computer screen.”

Now I’m going to tell you something, I actually get feelings like that sometimes too.

Even though I’m a raging extrovert and a bit of an exhibitionist… Okay A LOT of an exhibitionist, I still find it really uncomfortable to go up to people and talk to them at conferences and events.

I’ve been to a couple of events so far this year.

I’ve been sharing some of my insights from those events.

One of them was a 300-person conference and even going to that event, I was like, “Ugh, I’m so glad I know a few people.”

Because that awkward intro part of you’re first meeting people can feel really uncomfortable.

Lucky for me and you, I’ve found some ways over the years to really overcome that first barrier to making new friends at conferences and events.

It’s actually highlighted to me one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make when they go to events such as this.

And that is: they go focus on themselves.

Particularly with the networking side of it and the meeting other people side of it, so many people get over excited about the fact that they might meet new clients.

“I can meet new clients.”

“I can get a joint venture.”

“I can find someone to help me do this.”

All of these things that they can get out of going along to that in-person event.

And whilst there are some amazing benefits to that, if you go in with that focus, it feels really uncomfortable.

Because you’re looking for things and you’re wanting to receive, and if you’re in that space of wanting to receive, it’s the same as the awkwardness of sales conversation. It’s the same as asking for the sale and asking for money.

You’re all about what’s in it for you so then that feels really uncomfortable.

To overcome that mistake, we stop focusing on ourselves.

Instead of focusing on what you can get from the event, focus on what you can give to the other attendees.

Have a think about how you could support them to get the most out of the conference experience.

Or make them feel less uncomfortable about the fact that they’re in the middle of a room of strangers and they don’t know anyone.

How can you introduce them to one of the speakers or find the right person to connect them with?

You have some amazing skills as an entrepreneur.

You probably know a few people in the #ladyposse.

Make the most out of that and go into a conference or events ready to serve, and focus on being of service.

For that awkward conversation and that conversation starter, I want to challenge you not to ask, “What do you do?”

Because all that does is invite each of you to give your sales pitch or your “elevator pitch” and then there’s awkward silence.

Whenever someone comes up to me at an event and goes, “Hi, I’m Jane. What do you do?”

I immediately switch the conversation because I know it’s just going to be,

“I’ll give you my elevator pitch.”

“You’ll give me your elevator pitch.”

So my #1 response to “What is it that you do?” is

“I facilitate a brilliant group of over 27,000 women online on Facebook. It’s a Facebook community. I absolutely love it. What are you here for?”

Or I’ll ask a different question.

So I won’t say, “What do you do?”

“What do you do?”

“What do you do?”

And then that’s it.

I actually have other questions that I ask people.

I don’t necessarily talk about my business or how I make money, and they’ll ask me questions about that later if that’s something of interest to them.

But I actually have 3 really sexy questions that you can ask when you’re at these conferences or events to start conversations with people that are actually meaningful.

First of all, you want to know what the topic of the event is about.

So if it’s a business event, maybe it’s a marketing event.

Maybe it’s a health event.

Maybe it’s a mindset event.

Whatever the event is actually about.


So then you can ask question #1 is: “What’s your next [event topic] goal?”

“What’s your next health goal?”

“What’s your next big business goal?”

“What’s your next big marketing goal?”

“What’s your next big mindset goal?”

It’s a really great juicy question to ask, and it gets them out of thinking, “I need to pitch my business.”

“I need to pitch my business to everyone who will hear me.”

It actually starts a real conversation.

It immediately takes down that I’ve-got-my-business-face-on barrier, or I’ve-got-my-conference-face-on barrier.

And it helps to start a real conversation because you’re asking them a question that probably no one else has asked them at that event.

Unless there’s a lot of people from the #ladyposse, then everyone is going to be asking that question.


Question #2 is: “What are you here to learn?”

“What are you most excited to learn about at this event?”

Find a way to ask that question.

“What is it that you want to get out of this event?”

I LOVE asking that question of people because a lot of people will say, “Oh I just signed up to hear such and such speaker.”

And I will be like, “Wow, that’s really cool. Is there something in particular you need from them? Is there something you want to learn from them?”

I get really curious because a lot of time other people came for different speakers that I came for.

I get a little bit more excited about the speakers that I’m going to hear from.

It is a really, really juicy question.


Question #3 is: “What’s your biggest [event topic] challenge?”

This is the question I asked at the Soulspreneur Conference that I went.

I said, “What’s your biggest challenge in business right now?”

I had some amazing conversations with people.

“Oh, I think I need more reach.”

So many people said to me, “I need to get on Pinterest.”

Because someone on stage said they get the most traffic to their website from Pinterest, so of course everybody wanted to be on Pinterest.

It wasn’t the right strategy for most of the people that I spoke to.

It was great to kind of talked them out of finding another platform, another strategy, another thing that they need to do.

I was able to actually give them really solid business advice there in the foyer of the event.

And it was really tailored to their business.

And they were like, “Hang on a minute… What is it that you do?”

“I’m a business coach. This is my thing. Let’s go back to talking about you.”

So I’m so focused on giving value to the people that I meet and helping them and serving them.

And I have the best time because I’m not feeling like, “Ugh, I need to give out at least 10 business cards.”

I don’t even take business cards to events these days.

I have never had business cards until I started the Heart-Centred Business Conference.

So I got business cards in June 2017, and the Heart-Centred Business Conference was in September 2017.

Up until that point, I had been in business for 4 years, I didn’t have business cards.

People hide behind business cards so much and I find that it kills the conversation.

“Okay, we will follow this up later. I’ve got your business card now.”

That’s a little bonus tip: Don’t take business cards.

Everyone has a smartphone.

If you really love someone and you want to keep following up with them or they say, “Do you have a business card? I want to keep this up.”

Go open your phone.

“Send me an email. I’m Tash (at) Tash Corbin (dot) com.”

And then they send me an email.

They say, “Met you at the conference. This is what we talked about.”

They are so much more meaningful than me getting home with that piece of business card and going, “Uhhhh… What was that about? I can’t remember!”


If you want to get the most out of these in-person events:

1. Go in with the intention of being of service and helping as many people as you can.

2. Have those gorgeous conversation-starter questions that don’t ask the what-do-you-do kind of thing.

So you’re not creating that put-your-business-face-on starter to our conversations.


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Until next time.

I’ve been Tash Corbin. You’ve been a fabulous listener.

Isn’t #tashmas amazing?

Until next time. I cannot wait to see you shine.

Bye for now.