Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello, brilliant entrepreneur! It’s Day 3 of #tashmas and this is episode 135 of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

We have a beautiful #tashmas episode for you today.

As always, there’s a special offer.

Plus, I give you a really juicy insight into how you can move your business forward.

That juicy insight for today is why memberships are the hottest offer in the #ladyposse in 2018, and why maybe you should consider bringing a membership into your platform, into your baseline income and into the way you serve people in 2018.

If that has pricked up your ears, then listen on #ladyposse…


Here’s the thing: I LOVE my membership program!

I have the Heart-Centred Business Academy, and I absolutely adore the women who are in there, the things I get to do for the Academy, the things I get to do with the Academy, the way the community has grown, and it has been a really fundamental part of my business for over 2 years now.

When I created the Heart-Centred Business Academy, I actually created it thanks to some advice from a very #sausage, very pushy, very different marketer to the kind of marketer and business coach that I want to be.

When it was pitched to me, it was that you create a heap of content but you only release it on a drip feed and then you keep money month after month after month after month but you don’t have to do any more work.

This is the old model of memberships which I don’t actually think is particularly relevant these days, and I don’t see a lot of memberships that actually follow that format anymore in the online business world.

There are a few of them, but much more prevalent is the membership that includes a live support call each month or multiple live support calls each month. We have 3 every month in the Heart-Centred Business Academy.

The live component and the Facebook Support Groups and all that kind of thing have really dialled up, particularly for women who run these membership programs.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence.

I actually think memberships are super sexy not just for you but also for the people who join them.

One of the big benefits of having a membership program is that predictability of income, and having a baseline income that you know is going to come in every single month, week or every single 6 months without you having to go and do the extra hustle.

It depends on how you set up your membership model.

Some people set it up for a yearly membership. That works as well.

But it’s that predictability of income that makes it really juicy and really awesome because you know, “I all about that baseline, ’bout the baseline. No hustle.” (Singing to the tune of All About the Bass.)

I’ll talk about that more in another one. I might even sing it in the next #tashmas that I talk about baseline versus hustle.

But I do love the fact that if you have a great membership, if you’re really loving to your members and if you’re really connected in delivery, it has a really high re-enrollment rate so people stay for a pretty long time.

So you have that really awesome predictability of income.

And every time you do a relaunch and welcome in a bunch of new members, your baseline income grows and often it’s without any extra work.

You just keep doing the live calls each month – whatever it is that you do as a live support component.

It’s a very, very juicy model.

Now, I wouldn’t go through all the details of a membership.

But I want to talk about the 4 biggest benefits of a membership and why you should consider adding a membership to your product suite in 2018 if you don’t have one already.

If you do have one already, maybe this episode will help you work out what you might need to add to your membership in order to help it really create the awesomeness that is available to you and your business.


1. High sense of connection with your clients

As opposed to a course where you might have some high connection for a limited period of time or they’re in it and they jump in and they’re doing some things and they kind of die out, with a membership – particularly a highly connected one that has lots of live elements – you have this recurring connection with your peeps.

You get to know what it is that they’re doing.

You get to know more about their challenges and their specific struggles.

You get to know more about them as a person.

And you’re able to support them even more deeply as that membership process goes on as their membership length gets longer and longer.

So it’s a really gorgeous deep sense of connection.

Now, of course, you have to foster that connection in order for it to occur in a membership.

It doesn’t just happen automatically.

So being available to your members, having those live elements, getting to know people and making that part of your mission (that’s definitely a part of my mission with my courses and my membership), and really paying attention to what they are doing is a very important part of fostering that connection.

Seriously, it just lights me up so much and for a lot of you, I know, being connected to your clients is part of what lights you up as well.

I hear from you guys all the time.

You get sent down that track of “passive income”.

Just make a course. Sell it as self-study. Don’t have the live support elements.

Make money in your sleep without having to do anything in the delivery.

And then when you actually have that, in reality, all you want to do it connect with the people who have purchased your course.

All you want to do is find out if it’s working for them, or what challenges they might be having so you can further support them.

There’s no mistake that for women in business, we value that connection so much and it really helps us to stay motivated for the work that we’re doing, to stay positive about our businesses.

It helps with your self-confidence.

There’s actually a win-win in you having that openness to connectivity with your clients in courses and programs and particularly in a membership.


2. The sense of community

Not just you and the person who’s a member of your membership, but when you have an ongoing membership, people get to know each other over that extended period of time.

So there have been joint ventures that been sparked out of the Academy.

There have been some amazing shared approaches: masterminds, people working with each other, swaps, people buying from each other.

All of this stuff happens inside the Heart-Centred Business Academy.

And that sense of community is super strong.

It’s actually the Heart-Centred Business Academy members who have been giving me the most heckling about coming on tour again in 2018.

They want to meet me live.

They want to see me live.

There’s no conference this year. The Heart-Centred Business Conference is in March next year.

And so, they were like, “We need to get together!”

“Tash, come and do a speaking gig.”

“Tash, come and run a workshop.”

And I absolutely love that not just because they want to see me, but because they want to hang out with each other as much as possible as well.


3. Your audience can grow with you.

Because you’ve got the membership model, you can create new content as you move forward.

You might decide to release new modules or run a special focused month.

As you learn and grow, you can pass that on to your members.

They get to benefit from your ongoing development, from your ongoing growth, from your ongoing education as members of your membership.

Every time I go to a conference, I do a debrief with my Academy because there’s always business lessons in what I do there.

On the live support call that comes after that event that I’ve been to, I do a little debrief and answer anyone’s questions about the event as well.

So they don’t need to spend $1,500 going to that event, I spend the $1,500 and as members of my Academy, they get to benefit from that learning as well.

Of course, going to an event is always even better. I’m not saying, “Don’t go to events.”

But it is great if it’s not available to them, the learning still is because I am open to the fact that I learn new business strategy stuff.

I’m never done with this.

I’m a life-long learner.

I never claim to be completely sorted with my learning about business strategy.

I’m hungry to learn this stuff so I can pass it on to them and share with them as well.

And they really appreciate that.

So whether you work in health, mindset, business, marketing or whatever it might be, you are able to continue to support your clients in new ways as you learn and grow when you have a membership.

If you do it as a stand-alone online course, then whenever you have that new level of learning, you have to go and rerecord the whole course most of the time.

I’ve seen so many women in the Heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs Facebook Group rerecording their courses everytime they run it because they’re learning so much as they go and they’re having all of these new insights.

I think there’s a little bit of perfectionism as well but we want to keep our clients up-to-date with the latest information and insights so of course, we want to update everything.

With a membership, you get to just add to the modules that you have available.

Or add extra live support calls and share in those support calls.

Or add by doing Facebook Lives into the Facebook Group that goes with that membership.

There’s so many great ways that your community can actually grow with you.

That growth isn’t a sign that you have to throw everything out and start again.


4. You have permission to start imperfectly.

You do not have to wait until you have all the information, you know all the things, you can solve all the problems.

For most of you, you have 6 months worth of topics or 6 months worth of things that you want to impart and share with your community.

6 transformations that you want to help them to achieve.

Or 6 new things that you want to help them to implement.

That’s 6 months worth of your membership content.

And then after a few months, you’ll be able to respond to their demands, requests and what they want to be learning.

You can create more from there.



I really do love a membership as a part of your business model and as a part of your product suite.



Of course, it’s Day 3 of #tashmas so you’re also going to get a freebie that is also going to help you with this.

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And of course, if you can’t remember that link, just go to the show notes from today’s episode which is tashcorbin.com/135.


That’s it for the 3rd day of #tashmas.

Until next time, gorgeous.

I cannot wait to see you shine.