Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash Corbin Hello, amazing entrepreneur! It’s Tash Corbin here, and welcome to Day 8 of #tashmas.

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Today, as part of the #tashmas awesomeness, I’m going to be sharing a business strategy with you as well as an awesome new, never-before-offered freebie that I know lots of you are going to be interested in.

What are we going to be talking about today?

Well, I’m going to talk to you about the one thing that you are not giving your launches that if you actually gave it to your launches, would increase their results exponentially.

That’s pretty sexy, right?

And I have seen this for 99.9% of the #ladyposse.

So if you are the kind of person who has lots of things that you’re launching and you think,

“Hmm, maybe my launch does need this thing?”

Then please do listen on because this is going to be hyper juicy.

Let’s get into it…

Now, you might actually get a little frustrated with me when I tell you this thing is.

But I 100% believe that now that I’m giving this to my own launches, it is actually increasing my results exponentially without me changing much else in terms of my strategy.

And it has created so much more opportunity.

Can you think what this might be?

What do you need to give your launches?

Well, I don’t know if you’re going to guess this one.

It’s breathing space.

It’s something that frustrates a lot of our type A personality #ladyposse.

It is very frustrating for people who are in that hustle, hustle, hustle mode.

But, honestly, the more breathing space I give to my launches, the better they do.

The more breathing space I give to my launches, the more leisurely they are.

(#leisurelylaunch. Look it up.)

The more breathing space I give to my launches, the better I do in my launches…

The better I am in showing up for my launches…

The healthier I am…

The better I am able to serve my clients…

And the more money I make.

This is really counterintuitive, I know.

And I have definitely modelled the wrong behaviours for you guys in the past.

So those of you who have been following me for a few years, I want to say, first and foremost, “I’m really sorry for modelling the wrong behaviours.”

“I’m really sorry you saw the way that I did things as the way you need to do things in order to be successful.”

Because it’s just not true.

And the people that I’m working with now – people who are launching for the first time ever, or who are launching for the second or third time… We are doing it with breathing space and we’re doing it the #leisurelylaunch way.

They’re having much, much better results.

They’re doing amazingly.

So it’s not just a case of, “Well, Tash, you had 3 launches running concurrently at any one time for the last two years so you’ve created the momentum. Therefore, now, you can do this thing with breathing space.”


That is not the thing.

Because I can look back and wholeheartedly hand-on-heart say, “If I had followed my own advice back then, I would’ve done so much better.

I would’ve created success so much faster.

My business momentum would’ve been completely different.”

And it works whether it’s your first launch or whether it’s your 50th.

So I want to ask you the question:

Are you giving your launches enough breathing room?

If you’re not giving your launches enough breathing room, how can we start to expand the breathing room that we give to them?


What does breathing room look like for a launch?

1. Launching one thing at a time

As I said, I have done multiple launches at once.

Concurrent launches. Quite a lot in my time.

Last year, I was very proud of myself.

I launched one thing at a time.

The year before, it was two things at a time.

The year before, it was three things at a time.

I’m slowly starting to pare back the number of things I’m launching at once, and I’m also starting to create more space between those launches.

So when one launch finishes, another launch does not immediately begin.

I give myself time and space to prepare for the next launch, to give business breathing room, and a lot of magical things happen in that space.

One of the things I love about breathing room in terms of only launching one thing at a time is that you create so much more momentum with the right people, and you become so well known in that one space.

Now, even if you are like me…

Maybe you’re in business strategy or you’re in a topic area where like how I’m known for start-up and launching. They’re both business strategies so it’s totally fine and not at all confusing because XYZ.

I just want you to try it just once.

Try launching one thing.

I’ve had some amazing conversations with women over the last few months about this, and there are some really gorgeous recent examples.

I had one client in the Academy who I’d been trying to sell spacing on her retreat, but she was always promoting her retreat at the same time as her promoting a course or something else.

So I said to her,“Can you give this retreat launch 10 days where you talk about nothing else but your retreat?”

And she went from having sold one place and needing to cancel to having sold 4 spaces with only one left in that 10-day period.

I think she actually sold 4 spaces in the first seven days of just talking about that one thing at once.

It can be as simple as that.

Just making a decision to just talk about one thing at once.

Another great example is: a client of mind had ideas for three amazing courses.

She wanted to launch them one after the other.

I said to her, “What if we just pick one of those courses and launch it 3 times with a couple of weeks in between each launch? Let’s just see what happens there. We will park the other two things, and we will launch them later once one of these things has created amazing momentum.”

Guess what?

She has never looked at those other two things again.

That was 9 months ago.

She has now done 4 launches, and the most recent one had 90 people signed up.

90 people signed up for her program in her last launch.

When we were talking 9-10 months ago, she had 4 people joined that course.

The previous time she had launched something else she had 6 people joined.

The first time we launched this thing, we had 9 people in.

The second time, 21.

The third time, we went into Facebook advertising and got 64.

And this time, 90.

So can you see how this one thing that she is now really, beautifully known for has created such momentum and such a spiral?

Now, when I say to her, “Hey, remember you had those 3 things that you wanted to launch?

Are you still interested in launching the second and third thing?”

(Why would you go and launch those other things when you know you have a repeatable, scalable launch.)

She was like, “No, I’m going to launch this thing again and I’m going to get 150 to 200 people sign up next time.

And then I’m going to launch again and get 250 people sign up in one go.

And then I will see where I go from there.”

So it’s almost addictive – this whole one-thing focus – when you see the momentum and the results that it creates.

It really does get a little bit addictive.

You just want to stay focused on that one thing.

2. The gap between launches

I know for a lot of women, particularly where you’ve had a really successful launch – you’re really excited, your entrepreneurial brain starts going,

“Okay, I need to launch again.”

“Okay, it’s time to launch again.”

“I need to launch again as soon as possible.”

“The sooner I launch, the more money I’m going to make and the more momentum I’m going to create. I’m going to create this kind of snowball effect for my business.”

But what would it feel like for you to just stop for a few weeks (and actually prepare properly for the next launch), review the last launch really effectively, and grow your list in-between launches?

We know that leads that come in during a launch are a lot less likely to buy in that launch because they don’t develop that Know-Like-Trust-, and particularly that Connect factor with you, very fast during a launch.

There are things that we can do to increase and improve that.

But the best way to ensure that your list and your launch go really effectively (and you’ve got the maximum number of people participating in your launch) is mid-launch list-building.

So between the launches, doing some things to bring people on to your list – not during launch time.

Bare with me, I have a couple of reasons why I think this works.

(This is all still theory for me. I’m still exploring what’s going on and what I’m seeing out there.)

For most of us, we’ve now been conditioned so much that when we jump on to someone’s lead magnet or opt-in that we’re immediately going to be sold to.

It’s going to be during an urgent launch.

There’s going to be a deadline.

There’s going to be something that comes as a result of this.

When someone joins your list on an opt-in or a freebie and they don’t get the sequence of 15 emails afterwards or they don’t have a deadline that’s immediately presented to them or they don’t have this big thing that takes this big momentum, then that Know-Like-Trust factor – particularly that Trust factor – builds exponentially.

I’ve been finding this for myself.

The more I build my list between launches…

The more I grow that pond not during the launch but between launches, the better my results.

So what would it be like if you took 4 weeks off from launching your course or program? Just focus on selling your VIP offer or something that doesn’t require a time-specific launch, and you just build your list.

Focus on calling in those VIPs that might be sitting out there really exciting to work with you.

Focus on doing your offer in Facebook Communities.

Focus on getting amazing freebies and opt-ins out there into the world building up that Know-Like-Trust-Connect (KLTC) factor with people.

What would that feel like?

What might be possible for your next launch?

Because I guarantee you, if someone is on your list already when you then go into a launch and have a lead magnet that’s specific to the course and program that you’re going to be promoting…

If that person has already got value from you…

They’re more likely to opt-in, and they’re more likely to show up in the webinar live, or they’re more likely to actively participate in your challenge.

Therefore, they’re more likely to buy.


So I’ve got a gorgeous freebie.

This topic and this freebie might not be relevant to all of you right now.

This really is for those people who are finding themselves getting caught in a cycle of back-to-back launches or trying to launch a lot of things at once.

If that is you…

If that is something that you’ve been facing…

If, in particular, you’ve done a launch recently and you’ve had this inkling, “I need to grow my pond. I’m actually re-fishing the same pond over and over again. I need to actually expand this pond, and I’m willing to wait a couple of weeks (maybe 4 weeks) to do so before launches”

Then I have a gorgeous ebook for you.

It’s an ebook with some worksheet; it’s got some fillable sections for you.

It’s got some very practical activities.

And it’s called, Between the Launches.”

You can find the link to that over with the show notes for today’s episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

If you go to tashcorbin.com/140, click on the button and grab the Between the Launches ebook.

It’s very practical.

It’s very much me saying, “Okay, now, it’s time for you to do this.”

And it will help you to grow your list, expand your reach and create breathing space between your launches.

I’m really excited about this one because it’s something very different to anything I’ve really offered before.

And it’s a brand-new, fresh freebie.

So I’d love to get your feedback as well. Do look out for the #tashmas Day 8 post over on my Facebook Page.

Let me know what you think of this new ebook, and whether it’s something that you’re willing to give a go.


Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-Centred Business Podcast.

Until next time.

I’ve been Tash Corbin. You’ve been a fabulous listener.

I cannot wait to see you shine.

Happy #tashmas, and bye for now.