I want to give you an inside scoop into the inner workings of my business and how I make the most of each day with my healthy business habits. I implement what I call, the “5-Minute Post Session Habit”. This is what I undertake every single time I have a VIP coaching session. It helps me in many ways in my business and is something that I teach to my VIP clients.

Firstly, I want to talk a little about healthy business habits and why I find them so impactful in my business. I think the more we can make good behaviors and habits in our business, the more our business thrives in a way that feels simple, easy and just what we do. This is something that I found really helpful in particular with my mindset.

My healthy mindset habits in my business include EFT every morning. I write down my goals every single day and tracking my income at the end of every single day. These habits alone have helped me to shift and up-level my mindset and therefore uplift my business monumentally too. I have no doubt that these habits have been game changing for my business. And it can do wonders for your business too.
5 minute post session habitSomething else that I didn’t even realize I was doing until I shared this habit with some people in the heart centered business academy is, one of the ways that I make the most of the gorgeous opportunity that I have when I work with someone, particularly when doing one to one. My VIP clients are of course my ideal clients and when I’m working in my business and get the opportunity to talk to my ideal client of course, it makes sense for me to make the most of that opportunity so that I can attract more of the same.

Here is the 5 Minute Post Session Habit that I use to ensure that I do that after every single VIP session.

It is as simple as taking notes after session for approximately 5 minutes. I want to give an emphasis that there are 3 core pieces of information that I write down into my journal after each of these sessions.


1. Aha Moments
aha momentsI write down any aha moments that happened within the session. Where we achieved a big break through is where the juiciness is for other clients and people who are working with me 1 on 1, in group programs or through my passive income products and even listening on my blogs.

If I’ve been able to help 1 person achieve a light-bulb moment, of course, I want to be able to spread the goodness amongst everyone else as well. By writing down these light-bulb moments that may have occurred in a VIP session, I can then firstly understand just how valuable this session has been for this person and therefore it makes me feel very confident about the services that I deliver.

Also I can think of ways that I might be able to help other people to have that same light-bulb moment.

2. What are the “Actions” that my Client Will Undertake After a VIP Session?

The second thing that I write down is the actions the client is going to take as a result of completing that VIP session with me. I share these back with my VIP client but I also keep note of them for myself. The reason why I focus on understanding the actions that someone will take (which is basically the result of working with me) is because these are outcomes that I can then use in my marketing activities and when I’m making offers or when I’m talking about my online programs. These are the kinds of outcomes that all of my clients might be interested in achieving.

A great example of this is when I recently completed a VIP session with someone who was struggling to finish her online program that she was in the middle of developing. When we were talking through her issues and blocks, it became very clear that she was uncomfortable with presenting herself as an expert in this field. She hadn’t had the experience of helping other people achieve this outcome as much as she would feel comfortable with creating an online program. She really struggled with the tech side of recording videos, not feeling confident that they were professional. Some of the other peripheral issues around the visuals, the look and feel and not being camera ready.

The aha moment that I recorded from that was it doesn’t have to be passive in order to be profitable and a sound business decision. The action that she took as a result of that session was to reformat her online program into a live delivery where she presented the program live to those people who purchased over slide rather than face the camera, she recorded those live trainings in case she wanted to then sell them passively in the next round of the program.

Because of her VIP session with me she was actually able to move forward with something that had been stuck for over 6 months in her business.

This information is highly valuable for me, not only when I’m pitching my one to one services to potential clients, but this is also one of the core principles behind Get With The Programwhich is one of my group training programs that I offer. I then was able to take that information and incorporate it into the sales page for ‘Get With The Program’ and really beautifully articulate what the block was and how I help people to overcome that block.

3. Blog Post Titles

blogThe third thing that I write down after any session is any blog post titles that have sprung to mind as a result of the discussions within the session. I find VIP sessions are a gold mine of blog post ideas and inspiration because this is when I truly am able to provide tailored and targeted business advice, but of course this type of situation can be common amongst people who follow my blog and receive my newsletter.

What I love to do is to jot down any blog post ideas that may spring up as a result of conducting that VIP session and they go into a special folder in my Evernote.



There you have my sweet, beautiful pieces of information that I capture in 5 minutes after every single VIP session. Capturing these pieces of information has helped me not only to have plenty of ideas when it comes to creating blog posts and new content in my business, but also helps me to articulate just how powerful my work is, the outcomes I help my clients to achieve and the big light-bulb moments that I’ve helped people to experience as a result of working with me one to one.

Maybe it’s time for you to think about your healthy business habits and whether this is the habit that you decide to try out or you want to play with something different.

I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and let me know what your healthy business habits are or if you are going to try out this special 5 Minute Post Session Habit in your own business. Of course! Until next time, I cannot wait to see you shine.