My first business involved crushing up pyrite rocks to make crystal glitter and selling it at school. Whilst I made quite a bit of money from that venture, I also spent it all on food and stationery… whoops!

My purpose in life is to help people to uncover and value that unique ‘something’ they have to offer the world.

I work with heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs… I also call these people the ‘givers’ of the world. Those people who give of themselves to help their clients… whether that be teachers, mentors, coaches, healers, yoginis, instructors or advisors… I help those who help others – and I help them to build sustainable profits and the dream lifestyle and business that they are lusting after.

I’m a heart-centred entrepreneur myself – I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF – helping these wonderful people to share their gifts with the world is rewarding, inspiring, and keeps me jumping out of bed every morning. I give all that I have from the heart to my clients, and we build amazing businesses together.

3 things you need to know about me:
1. I’m a total goofball
2. I’m a business nerd
3. I’m 6’2” tall (that last one is just in case we meet in person!)

I’m definitely a people person, and my interests are probably best described as eclectic… See below:

I’m a sports fan, I love dancing, I play guitar and I am a sucker for a good political debate.

I spend a lot of time on personal development, I don’t use chemicals in my home, I believe the universe is looking after me, and I am one of the luckiest people I know.

My boyfriend David (aka Honest Dave) calls me Google, because I seem to have the answers to all of his questions, and we live a mobile lifestyle – in the past three years we have lived in NSW, Qld, Bali and New Zealand – and we are hoping to spend a chunk of time in France in the next year or so.

I love my family, live for my friends, and travelling the world with David as we help others create lives as amazing as our own, is my idea of heaven.

I am so in love with the #ladyposse. We are Heart-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs. And we acknowledge and value the unique value that each and every member brings to our community.

We trust the universe.
We love each other.
We love ourselves.
We aren’t afraid to show our real self.
We give from the heart.
We receive with grace.
We value wisdom, connection, excellence, movement and belief.
We are heart-centred.
We are soul-driven.
We are entrepreneurs.
We are the #ladyposse.

One last thing…

Here are some terms you might want to get familiar with…


I call these Tash Tags – our hashtags:

#ladyposse – the women who belong to our tribe (Click here to join us)

#nomorepinkghetto – you know that thing, where women create amazing businesses but then don’t get paid more than minimum wage? Yeah we aren’t into that.

#sausagestrategy – the masculine-energy based sales strategies that feel a little too pushy for our vibe (we aren’t anti-man, just to be clear – sausage is an energy, not a gender… we just know that we can sell our services and products without having to resort to trickery or tactics that are out of alignment from our own personal values)

#auntytash – that’s me

#behuman – the belief that you can be successful without having to be perfectly manicured (particularly eyebrows… why do all the perfect people have such great eyebrows?)

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