Dear Denise.

My partner David and I spent the weekend focused on money.

We did our 2020 vision, and what we want to achieve in the remaining 103 days of the year to move closer. Fast.

We demolished a couple more chapters of the Barefoot Investor, set up an extra savings account, and set a big money goal.

We will create $200k in the next 100 days.

So far, in two days, $3482 has come in. We feel SO ALIGNED. SO on target.

You know how I got to be in this space?
With this amazing man?

He wasn’t like this when I met him. He was amazing. But BOY OH BOY did he have money blocks.

It started small.

I played the Get Rich Lucky Bitch audio book in our car for a year – 2014 was the year of GRLB. We didn’t listen to the radio. We listened to you, Denise.

At first David complained. And I reminded him of my million dollar business goal, and told him THIS was how I was going to do it.

Then one day he stopped complaining every time we got in the car.
Then one day he asked me a question about manifesting.
Then one day we did the upgrade plan together.
Then one day we spent a six hour drinking session talking about all the money stories we got from our parents.
Then one day he asked ‘Do you think we could Lucky Bitch our dream house?’ … and we did.
Then he met you at the Artful Biz conference in 2014 and recited passages of your book to you off by heart.

At my conference earlier this month, it was magical that you were the keynote speaker.

David was SO EXCITED to see you, that he ended up being totally awkward. Like weird awkward.

Sorry Denise. Haha.

But I get it. I know why. When we first started dating he would get ranting angry about ‘overnight internet sensations’ and ‘YouTube superstars’ … no one in the world deserved the money they had. He had so much baggage. So did I.

You are the person who changed all that.

So meeting you, speaking to you, hugging you (you weren’t prepared for the hug, again… sorry) – it was only natural it would be overwhelming. Awks. Major.

Thanks to you, we have grown. Day by day. Bit by bit. Together.

And I am SO PROUD of how far both of us have come.

I see women ask all the time – how do I FIX my partner? How do I stop him and his poverty mindset? It can be so easy to make it about them. I didn’t think David was broken. But I knew that with the right mindset and a consistent, tenacious focus on lifting our vibration, we could absolutely achieve our big, wild, dreams.

I didn’t change David. I simply started our journey by working on me.

You taught me that.

By the end of 2017 I will have made $1 million in my business since I started it in 2013.

In a few months, David and I will have been job free, mobile and living the lifestyle of our dreams for three whole years.

And it all started with an audio book playing in the car.


Thank you Denise. I owe you one.

Love Tash
(and the ever-awkward Honest Dave)