I feel that it’s time for me to write you a gorgeous blog post that guides you step-by-step… and this one is about getting that first $5,000 in your online business.

Why $5000?

I think that’s a really juicy amount of money that makes you feel like you’ve got it rocking. When you’ve made $5,000 from your business you’ve proven that you have something to offer that people want, and you’ve likely got quite a few clients in the door.

So let’s get started….

Setting the scene

This post is not meant to be a formula, or a one-size-fits-all… but if you’re starting a service-based business such as coaching, healing, teaching, training, or anything where you can help someone through your service, then here’s a general model of what I would do to make that first $5,000.

It’s no coincidence that this is the process I teach in my fabulous Take Off program, and we have a very high success rate in women getting to that $5,000 mark once they’ve completed the program.

Step One: Start the RIGHT business

Simple enough right?!!? Hahahaha

Okay so I get it that this can be a frustrating thing to say. BUT, it’s so amazing that I see so many women start a business, then change their idea, then change their model, then change their coach, then change their branding, their website… and what I can see from the outside, is that they haven’t actually got clear on the RIGHT business for them to be creating.

Here’s how I break it down:

The perfect business for you is that unique overlap between your PURPOSE (what you’re here on Earth to do), your GIFTS (the things that come easily to you AND energise you) and your MARKET (those people who YOU LOVE to work with, and who are ready, willing and able to get help with the challenge you solve or goal you help people achieve).

Finding that overlap can take experimentation, self-exploration, and spending time with others who can reflect back what they see in you.

I actually think that THIS is when you should get help in your business, either working with a strategist one-on-one, or being part of a group program in which you can get support and advice on how to turn your amazing talents into a business.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as saying ‘Hey you’re good at listening, you should have a coaching business’…

A business IDEA isn’t a business.

A business MODEL isn’t a business.

Even if business strategy is YOUR zone of genius, you need someone to help you map your path (I absolutely needed that support and I am so glad I had someone to help me see what I couldn’t see for myself when I was getting started… coaches need coaches!!)

So step number one is to be really clear on the business you are creating, and ensure that it’s the right business for you, your gifts, and your TARGET AUDIENCE.

Step Two: Connect to your audience

To some this is obvious, to some this is not… but to 90% of women, this is SCARY.

Actually TALK to people who I might want to SELL to?!?!? NOOOOOOOoooooOOOO!!!

But if you can’t talk to them when you’re NOT trying to sell to them yet, how on EARTH are you going to be able to create a business by talking to them, selling to them, serving them!?!?!

I love doing target market research interviews. I go out, ask in FB groups for people who I think might be a good fit for my business (for example, women who’ve been in business under a year, but have a goal of getting to multi-millions eventually, is one of my target market niches)… and I ask them some questions about their challenges, what frustrates them, and what they would expect if they worked with someone like me.

You might like to offer a free session in return for all the help that your gorgeous interviewees have given you. It can create a really lovely energy dynamic.

Step Three: Make an offer

Once you know who your market are, what is challenging them, and what they want… go out there and offer it! There are ELEVENTY BILLION Facebook groups out there these days (check out tashcorbin.com/group if you’re not part of the Heart-Centred group yet), and often they will have a market/offer/promo day in which you can make an offer.

Offer an introductory session and a slightly reduced price, and let people know exactly how you can help them.

Tell them the problem that you solve. Tell them the goal you’ll help them achieve.

Don’t be vague here. Get specific.

Make an offer, have some fun, and experiment with it. Remember: Business doesn’t have to be hard or painful. You’re the boss.

Step Four: Be present and ultra-curious

Firstly, I want to say that there are many reasons why offers do and don’t sell in Facebook groups, but the biggest indicator I’ve seen is this:

The extent to which people feel that they know you.

Interesting hey? Of course your offer needs to be something that they feel they need or want, they need to understand what it’s about, they need to see the value and benefit, but first and foremost they need to know you. So be present.

Post on ALL days, not just promotional days. Share pics of your face (zebras recognise stripes, humans recognise faces).

Be part of the CONVERSATION.

Then get curious!! Which of your offers got traction? What were people saying? Did you make any sales?

If your offer isn’t selling I have a really cool resource in the #ladyposse library called “Help! My offer isn’t selling!”  – you can grab it at tashcorbin.com/library.

Be curious. Why did one offer sell and not the other? What words resonate for your tribe?

Who is engaging with your posts? What are they saying? What related questions are coming up in the groups?

Your curiosity for information and your tenacity in applying it to your work will take you a long long way.

Step Five: Refine both the message and the process

Once you’ve got more clarity, you can continue to refine your message. When you’re serving clients, pay attention to their questions, their issues, their language, how they describe what they have and what they want.

Continue to refine your message to even more effectively describe just how you help people and the problems that you solve.

Start to look at ways to create a PROCESS for people to start to know you and connect with you. Start a mailing list, run some webinars, create a following.

You’ll notice that this is the LAST step here…. not the first.

Your first $5,000 doesn’t require that you have a website, a mailing list, a Facebook marketing budget… none of that.

In fact, if you spend time and money on that stuff early, chances are you’ll end up changing it all anyway.


The simplest way to get started in business and bring that first $5,000 in the door is to be clear on the challenge you solve and the goals you help people to achieve, and then get out there and EXPERIMENT with ways to spread the word, connect, and build a RELATIONSHIP with those who might be in your target market. 

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