#168 My income goal for 2019 and how I will get there

#168 My income goal for 2019 and how I will get there

Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello savvy entrepreneur, it’s Tash Corbin here with another episode of the Heart-centred Business Podcast. This is episode 167.

Today I’m answering the hot topic question of this time of year and that is:

Which planner should I buy?! Actually, I’m not answering that question! What I’m going to talk about is the difference between having a great planner and being a great planner, and all the things you need to know to have your plans result in fabulous actions. Shall we get started? Let’s do it!

So I’m one of those people who is very open about my income goals, results, and monthly incomes. I share all the behind-the-scenes and financials of my business quite consistently because I think it’s for us to have an open conversation about this and it really does help everyone to feel more comfortable talking about money.

We’ve been programmed for a very long time to believe that talking about money is really unseemly, I don’t agree with that.

I think the more we talk about money the more empowered we become.
The more we make great decisions with our money, the more inspired we are to keep moving forward and the better we can perform in our businesses.
Because what gets measured gets improved and a goal shared is a goal magnified.

This is my second year in a row where I set an income target for the year of $1,000,000 AUD. In 2017 my goal was $500,000 and I did come quite close to that, we were over $400,000 for the year.

In 2018 my goal as mentioned was $1,000,000 (in top-line revenue) and I’m not going to get particularly close this year. We have gone over the half-million mark, but it looks like we won’t be getting close to a million this year, so I will be setting the same goal again for 2019.

I wanted to share with you why I feel confident that I am going to be able to do it in 2019, how I’m planning to make it happen, and some of my lessons from my 2018 goals and results.

One of the things I want to say before I jump into this is, when it comes to setting income goals, I have one of those personalities where I’m never disheartened by not achieving my goals.

I share this with the ladies in 100 Days of Colour which starts on the 1st of January and July each year. It’s a 100-day program where we track our income towards a stretch goal.

I tell the girls every year in every round: “Guess what? I’ve never actually achieved my income goal in 100 days, ever!”

But I’ve managed to increase my income every single round and I get excited about the possibility of achieving it. Even though I’ve never achieved my goal, my income has skyrocketed. It doesn’t upset me, I have no problem with not hitting it.

But for some people, this kind of audacious setting of huge income goals can be very very uncomfortable for them. If there’s any chance that they aren’t going to make it they won’t share it, talk about it, or take action towards it which sends them into some mindset wobbles.

So know yourself when it comes to setting goals and understand what’s going to work for you. I am quite happy to go out there and share a huge income goal and get nowhere near it, I don’t find it embarrassing at all, I actually find it to feel totally fine cause we’re all friends in the ladyposse.

So some of my lessons from have included when you feel like there’s nothing else that can be culled and refined in your business, go deeper.

I closed multiple programs in 2018 and really focused my business down on some key and very clear offerings. It has been a really beautiful thing. In 2018 I went on a speaking tour and felt that I needed to create a new thing for that, so I created the Q3 Mastermind.

I also closed Get With The Program, Lean Start-up School and Courses with Heart. I went through this process of closing some things down, starting something new up, closing a lot of new things down and refined again, and again.

Every time I think that I’m down to the key things and can’t refine any further, I find something else that isn’t quite aligned to the future direction in my business. The beautiful thing for me is that in the final quarter of 2018, I have seen another upsurge in my income thanks to me refining my offerings right down.

At the start of 2018, I still had 27 different things that people could buy from me. In mid-2017 I had 39.

So I have been working my way down to as few things as possible so I can be very focused. For me it is a balancing act, I do want to help people in start-up and the scale and systemize stage of their business. There are so many people who I have worked with in startup who want to keep working with me and are always asking me what the next thing is, but I have found even more opportunities to refine down my offerings at the end of this year.

In 2019 I’m going to be open to even further refinement if necessary.

So when you think you are done culling and refining, do a little more.

I got rid of bundles, academy trials, a book I wasn’t happy with and so much more, and I’m grateful that I did.

One of the big rules that I set for myself in 2018 was that I was not allowed to overlap launches. One thing at a time, Tash. As a result, I only got to launch Courses with Heart once at the start of the year, which meant that there was no space for me to relaunch it.

When I sat down and did my review of quarter 3 towards the end of September, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able it effectively and that it wasn’t a good fit for my business. There was also this weird confusion about whether people should do Courses With Heart or the Academy first.

It made me think about how well they work together, so I decided to merge the content from Courses With Heart into the Academy, and just sell the Academy. As a result of this, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of people in the Academy as a result.

2018 was the year of strength in simplicity, and I absolutely nailed it.

Next, when you think you have organized and outsourced, check and look again. Go deeper.

Particularly at the start of 2018, I thought I had found the right team, the right makeup of the team, and the level of outsourcing. I felt that we had systemized ourselves quite well and started to really get rocking and rolling.

In August 2018 I started to realize that things were still feeling a little out of control, and the more that my business my expanded, the more freaked out I was getting and the more it was triggering mindset wobbles.

So clearly I didn’t have the organization and outsourcing set up as effectively as I need for this next level of business. I hired Jemma, my fabulous online business manager and we went way further. Seriously, I’ve worked with organization experts, systemizing experts, and other stuff, but there is something so powerful about hiring an online business manager for your business who has their own team and knows how to systemize like the back of their hand.

She doesn’t take no for an answer, and really stands up to me. She’s a total powerhouse in my business, and I have Jemma to thank for a lot of the great results that have come in towards the end of 2018.

Plus I know now that we are set up for that growth in 2019 which makes me very excited.

The third piece of advice I have is when you think you’re completely focused on income generating activities, look again. Seeing a trend here?

When I did an analysis in July for 2 weeks of what I spent my time doing, because I had estimated I would spend about 50% of my time in my business on income generating activities, and about 50% of my time divided between client delivery and other admin.

So it was like 50%, 30%, 20% respectively is what I estimated my activities to be.

When I actually looked at the time I was spending in my business, I was spending about 30% on client delivery, 50% on other admin, and only 20% of my time on income generating activity. It was a really big eye opener for me, so have a look at the time you are investing in your business.

If you think you’re very income-focused and consistent, look again and double check. I actually overestimated the number of Facebook Lives I had done in the 6 months prior to that review, and I’ve really tried to address that in the last 6 months. I absolutely know that there’s more I could do.

I really thought that I had maximized my email sales processes, and making sure I got the right emails in front of the right people, but when I looked at it there were several times where up-sale emails just didn’t go out because I didn’t get to them in time. I was starting to let that stuff go and not do those income generating activities.

There were things where I’d done all this work getting leads in, warmed them up really beautifully and then not asked for the sale afterward because I was just so worn out and overworked from fighting fires in other areas. It was really powerful for me.

So my big strategy for achieving my 2019 goals is:

Reduce my range and deepen my experience and connection.

I’m going to show you this little picture that I drew (11:53 in the video). I’m down to six things that I will be promoting in 2019, and I will be very focused on them. There’s 3 major things and 3 minor things, so it’s a really beautiful mix for me.

Also, my plan is to keep refining, batching, systemizing, and outsourcing more, but do less. So all of these things are more but the actual doing is less.

Refine more is spend less time doing stuff and more time making decisions and crossing things off the list.

Batching more is actually doing less for me, because I sit down and record 10 videos at a time which gives me 10 weeks of not having to freak out and remember which video I need to do, make it and get it to my team.

I’m booking my batching days for 2019, they are happening hell or high water, and I will make sure that I will batch really effectively in 2019. I have nailed it towards the end of 2018 and that has been a beautiful thing. It makes it so much easier for me and it makes my teams lives really easy well.

I wanted to share with you what my big six focus areas are for 2019.

So we have Take Off, my signature start-up program. It’s one of the best income generators in my business and in 2019 I’m going to be doing two significant launches of the Take Off program. I am still in decision mode about whether I’ll be increasing the price of the Take Off program in 2019, it is something that I think has been underpriced for a while.

I made a commitment in 2018 to leave it at $995 because it really felt like a good fit for me at that point in time, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t put the prices up just because everyone told me to put the price up.

Now I’m feeling into the space of whether it’s due for a little price increase, just to accommodate the extra team expenses, the extra impact on my time, and the extra energy that goes into the Take Off program these days with the number of women who are in there.

I’ll be having a think about that, but Take Off is priority number 1.

Number 2 is the Heart-Centred Business Academy. I’ll be having mostly-evergreen launches of that, continuing to run Get Profesh Seshs with the upsell into the Academy with different offers here and there to incentivize people jumping in. There will also be one big launch of the Academy each year from now.

Number 3 is the conference. So we’ve got the 2019 conference coming, we still have about 55 tickets for that to get sold so that will be a focus between now and March. (ladyposse2019.com if you haven’t got your tickets yet)

My goal is to also sell out 2020 within 3 months of completing 2019. We’re downgrading the size of the conference venue, and therefore the number of tickets that are available for 2020. Initially, the tickets will only be available to people who are there in 2019 first, they will have a 2-week headstart to get their tickets before we open it up to the wider audience.

Fingers crossed that that plan all works out. If not, I’m flexible, I’ve got plans.

Udemy is also going to be a big part of my business in 2019. As you may have seen I’m running a retreat with Sal Jade the Udemy Queen, Miriam Castilla the Manifesting Queen, and Tash Corbin the Strategy Queen. I mean, 3 queens running a retreat, how exciting is that!?

Udemy has been a really big eye-opener for me in my business. The incorporation of Udemy into a heart-centred strategy has just worked really gorgeously and I’m going to continue to focus on that. More Udemy courses in 2019!

100 Days of Colour- my beautiful tracking program – will continue to bring in a nice chunk of money for me each year, as well as VIPs and mastermind clients.

So that is my $1,000,000 business model. Across those six things, that’s all I need to hit my $1,000,000 income target for the year. It’s really beautiful and helps me feel calm, centred, and focused.

If you would like to set yourself a big goal for 2019, and you would like to increase your chances of achieving that goal, I wanted to share a little freebie with you.

You may have seen the colouring book that I did with the fabulous artist Hinarera. I’m giving away one of the tracking sheets and a bunch of the artworks from 50 Pages of Colour for you to print at home and use for your progress art.

50 Pages of Colour is a beautiful colouring book with purpose. What you do is set yourself a goal and divide it into the number of elements for that artwork. This one (17:22 in the video) is 200 stairs up a spiral staircase. For example, if you set yourself a goal of making $2000 for the month each step would be worth $10, so for every $10 you make in your business, you track that income.

It’s a beautiful way to stay focused on income-generating activities. Here are some that I’ve completed (17:46 in the video).

You can grab these and track your way to your own income target because I do believe it’s one of the big reasons I’ve been able to increase my income in my business so consistently.

If you’re also interested in getting some guided help through that, then of course come and check out the 100 Days of Colour program. It starts on the 1st of January and July each year and costs $287 to join. It includes planning workshops to help you through the setup and 8 live workshops throughout the 100 days focused on both mindset, business strategy, and actually getting into how you’re going to hit that goal. It’s a gorgeous connected program!

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the Heart-centred Business Podcast! Until next time I’ve been Tash Corbin, you’ve been a fabulous listener, and I cannot wait to see you shine. Bye for now!

Tashmas Day 12: 12 steps to grow your business in 2019

Tashmas Day 12: 12 steps to grow your business in 2019

Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello gorgeous entrepreneur, it’s Tash Corbin here. It’s day 12 of Tashmas, the last day! I have a super juicy episode for you today!

I’m going to be sharing with you 12 things you can do in 2019 to grow your business. If you’d like this list in a written form, you can find it at below.

12 things to grow your business in 2019:

  1. Have a really good plan for the year.
  2. Offer less products/services for sale.
  3. Increase your prices.
  4. Work with a great mentor.
  5. Go to conferences and events!
  6. Get yourself a mindset practitioner.
  7. Measure your data and make choices based on the results.
  8. Unsubscribe from excess newsletters and focus on your own business.
  9. Show your face!
  10. Join or create a mastermind.
  11. Take a stand! Be open with what you are passionate about!
  12. Get consistent!
Tashmas Day 10: How to get perfect copy for your business

Tashmas Day 10: How to get perfect copy for your business

Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello gorgeous entrepreneur! It’s Tash Corbin here, and welcome to day 10 of Tashmas. I understand that this won’t be going out on December 10th because it is currently the 12th (day of recording). I am re-recording Tashmas due to some technical difficulties with the previous videos.

As a result of that, we will be extended all of the Tashmas offers until the 19th of December 2018, so that you still have the opportunity to grab all the awesome Tashmas special offers.

Today the topic is copywriting. How to get the perfect copy for your business. If you’ve listened to anything I’ve ever said you’ll know that there’s no such thing as perfect copy, but there are two different mindsets to writing copy for your business. I think if I explain this really beautifully, you’ll understand what the next best step for you to take is.

I get asked all the time:

Who is the best copywriter?
Who should I get to write my offers and sales pages?
I need someone to write all of my emails for my business, who should I hire?

First off, I think that that is a really important limiting belief to take note of. You need to understand that writing in your business is a non-negotiable skill.

You need to get good at writing for your business because someone can’t write every single email, facebook post, sales page, or lead magnet for you. Particularly if you use Facebook groups or your own page.

For a lot of people, I ask them why they are looking for a copywriter, and are they actually ready for one?

The reason for this is because for a lot of people they are trying to outsource something that they cannot outsource. It’s not just copywriting they need, it’s messaging for their business and understanding their ideal client.

So back to the two mindsets around copywriting, I mentioned at the beginning.

One is you just need to find the right words and that there is a magical combination of the right words that will do the job for you, and all you need to do is find the perfect copywriter and refine it so that you can release it to the world once it’s perfect.

The other mindset is understanding that copy is ever-evolving, and your messaging in your business is as well. Rather than aiming to find the perfect copy before sharing it with your audience, you write copy based on what you know now and the messaging that you want to focus on right now.

You share it with your audience and test/measure how well it works and what resonates with people, and continue to refine your messaging (and therefore your copy) over time, knowing that you will NEVER have a magical post that gets 50 sales and that will be all you need to do.

It’s kind of like looking for the magical unicorn thing that doesn’t necessarily exist. This mindset is very similar to the fixed mindset versus the growth mindset. If we think about things from a more general perspective.

A lot of the people who are looking for those perfect words and being crazy-strict with their copy will tend to have those same perfectionist tendencies in the rest of their business.

“I can’t share this yet, it’s not perfect.”

“I’m not going to share the photos from this shoot because they’re not perfect.”

“I’m not going to create a course just yet, I’ll make it perfect first.”

I’ve actually had someone tell me that they won’t start blogging until they have mapped out the next TWO YEARS of content.

What happens if you share your first five blogs after that and you find out that your messaging is completely wrong? Your entire two-year blog plan would be a complete waste of time. How would that make you feel?

Until you share your copy with your audience, you have no idea if it is going to work or not. The best copywriters tell you this when you work with them.

They will say something like:

“Look, based on the information you have about your audience, your ideal client, and your understanding of them right now, this is a really great piece of copy. This is how we have structured the sales page and what we should be sharing, but, the proof will be in sharing that so you can see the results and refine your messaging as you go forward.”

The best copywriters I’ve ever worked with have not just handed me a piece of copy and ended the conversation. After receiving the copy and posting it, we would review how well it was doing on the website via statistics and then refined it based on what the audience was telling me.

We also looked at the type of questions people were asking after they had read the sales page and decided whether we needed to add more information to the sales page, maybe even add an FAQ to answer them.

I can’t write FAQs (unless you include the sausage-y “I’m only writing this to answer objections you might have. They drive me insane).

I can’t write quality FAQs until I know what the questions are. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, not questions will set you up to believe this is for you regardless of whether it actually is. Unfortunately, that is what people usually use FAQs for.

If you are one of those perfectionists who won’t share anything until they’re 100% satisfied with everything, I want you to remember that it can never be perfect based on just theory. No great business was built on theory, and that goes for copy too.

The ways that you can improve your copy exponentially include:

  1. Getting clear on who your target market is and what they want from you. Narrow your niche as much as possible and understand what exactly it is they need.
  2. Share, test and measure. Tweak your copy based on real-life and the things that people are asking you/commenting on.
  3. Ask clients to write what they got out of your program, or what they were looking for when they joined it. Testimonials, feedback, and reviews will go a long way.

Hearing directly from your clients exactly what they got out from it will give you the juiciest information you could ever need to adjust your copy. This isn’t just by adding testimonials either, but address what they’re saying and adjust your copy based on the information they provide you.

So there are 3 really great ways that will help you master the art of writing for your business.

Now, the special offer for today is the opportunity for you to win a 1-hour copy and messaging session with me in 2019 for absolutely free. This is normally $1495, and you can win it for free!

All you need to do is come into the Heart-centred soul-driven entrepreneurs Facebook community and use the #tashmas10 and let me know what you think your biggest weakness is when it comes to your messaging and copy in your business.

I’m really curious to know what it is, and I’m going to be using what you tell me as part of my content planning for 2019, so you’re helping a sister out, and who knows you might win the reward of a 60-minute session with me!

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Tashmas! If you have any questions or comments, you can always get in touch with us and share in the community as well. Until next time, I cannot wait to see you shine! Bye for now!

Tashmas Day 9: The 4 stages of start-up

Tashmas Day 9: The 4 stages of start-up

Heart-Centred Business Podcast with Tash CorbinHello brilliant entrepreneur, and welcome to Tashmas day 9! Today’s episode will be particularly juicy for those of you in the start-up phase of business.

But it’s also worth listening in if you’re more of a veteran so that you can refine and make things clearer going forward. Let’s get into it!

There’s also an AMAZING offer for those who jump in on it!

(Coupon code: TASHMAS)

Let’s talk about start-up stages. These stages are actually the process I teach in my signature program Take Off, which also happens to be the special offer for today, so stay tuned if you are interested in joining the Take Off program.

What I like to do with people when we’re first talking about them starting a business is focus on them. The first set of modules in Take Off are actually called “You.”

This is something that we can sometimes skip in our business decision-making process and in our journey in start-up when actually it’s a huge mistake not to start with introspection.

This helps you get really clear on why you are starting a business in the first place. What is your purpose? I truly believe that every single person on this planet has a clear and specific purpose, there are no extra people here and we all have a job to do.

Understanding what our purpose is will help us build a business that is aligned to that and therefore helps us feel aligned with our purpose, and also what your strengths and gifts are that you bring to the table.

A lot of people tend to build their businesses based on things that they aren’t necessarily gifted at or inherent/core strengths of theirs.

Strengths as per Marcus Buckingham’s definition are things that strength you.

If we look at what your strengths and gifts are before we even start thinking about how you’re going to shape your business model and services, what you’re going to do is not only make a business that is profitable quickly but also is very sustainable.

The reason businesses usually become unsustainable is due to burnout, or having a feeling that the business itself isn’t aligned with the owner’s purpose. If your business always feels like hard work, it will not be sustainable/profitable.

For me, the first stage of business should always be looking at you as an entrepreneur. What do you bring to the table? What are the goals you have for business/life/money?

Get clear on your vision of what you are here to create and why you are doing it, and ensure that you are aligned to your purpose.

You need to make sure that your business feels like it’s your business. You want to really love what you are doing whenever you are doing it.

That’s stage 1. Stage 2 is getting clear on your niche.

Your niche is a critical part of forming great messaging, good offers, and having a great value proposition for your audience, and yet so many people jump this step and start creating websites and brand designs.

You cannot make good offers and really target the people you want to until you know exactly who you are targeting and what messaging you need to use to target them.

This is basically building your business backwards and basing everything on theory, and what you will usually end up having to do is start over again when you realize what you have done wrong.

In Take Off we really focus on understanding:

  • Who the niche is
  • What they want from you
  • What their big challenges are right now
  • What their goals are right now
  • What their visions are for the future

The way that we work on this in Take Off is via target market research interviews. Having a conversation with someone who could potentially be your ideal client gives you the juiciest data you could possibly ask for when it comes to crafting your message and offers.

But there are lots of ways that you can get to know your niche, and really understand what is they are looking for.

Some of the other ways you can do it are via things such as surveys, polls, and asking questions in Facebook communities. You can even ask friends and family if they are in your target market.

It’s also really good for you to understand the difference between what they think that they need and what you know they need because you as the expert know more about what your clients need than they are able to diagnose themselves.

It’s why we go to the doctor. We know what are symptoms are but are only able to theorise what the cause might be because we don’t have the expertise or tools to be able to diagnose effectively.

So that’s stage 2.

Stage 3 is crafting a compelling offer.

Getting out there in front of people who are potentially your ideal clients and making an offer for them to work with you. Be it 1:1 or buying a product, it needs to be out in front of your audience.

For most of us in the online business world, the best way to be doing that is using Facebook and other social media. Your audience and where they are hanging out will dictate how you advertise to them.

Some people may not have any other option than to use Facebook ads, but for 90% of people, there are free advertising strategies readily available, particularly in the early stages of business. These strategies will allow you to test your messaging and offers, and let you refine how you communicate with your audience.

So the offer stage of the process is really the part where you nail your messaging and start making your first sales. In the Take Off program, we will wait for the first couple of sales to go through and then run some sort of webinar or event to test the conversion from free to paid when you have a bunch of people in the room at once.

Again, there’s plenty of ways you can do it and there will be lots of opportunities available to you, but for the Take Off program, I have found this to be the quickest, easiest, and most connected way to test your messaging and offers.

And finally stage 4 is to start to build scalable strategies to market.

This is your marketing process.

For a lot of people in the start up phase of business, the best marketing plan they can have is:

  • Post on social media daily
  • Post content weekly (blog/podcast) with a freebie
  • Monthly webinar
  • Something BIG quarterly.

This is the same model that is used by Denise Duffield-Thomas even to this day. It’s a beautiful, simple, and effective system.

Of course, there’s a lot of nuances when it comes to the exact marketing system that will work for you and your audience, but you won’t know what that marketing system is until you have got the other stages clear.

You can see most people make their mistake by skipping the first couple of stages and jumping straight to offers and branding. If you do that first you will be spending a lot of time trying to work out why things are not working, and you won’t be making any money while you are busy troubleshooting.

This is the basis of the lean start-up methodology. The lean start-up methodology states that we test that something is going to be in demand from our audience before we invest significant time and money into creating a marketing system that scales.

This is what the Take Off program utilizes. We make sure we have sales and getting money in the door, proving that people are willing and able to buy our products, before any scalable marketing strategies.

It’s a really smart and effective way of doing business, and ultimately it’s a sustainable way of doing business.

Now if this blog has really opened your eyes and you would like to come and join me in the Take Off program, this is your lucky day.

The Take Off program is normally $995, and in 2019 it’s going up in price. We have stayed at $995 for the last 2 years and it has now come time for the price to go up.

However, if you jump in before the December 25th and buy yourself a little Christmas present, you can join the Take Off program for just $895. That’s a saving of $100 of the current price.

All you need to do is mail us at support@tashcorbin.com and let us know that you’d like the Tashmas Day 9 special to join the Take Off program and my beautiful support team will give you the details on how you can do that.

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Tashmas! I’ve been Tash Corbin, you’ve been a fabulous listener and I cannot wait to see you shine.