You know that thing?

When women create amazing businesses, but don’t even make minimum wage?

When women get convinced they need to spend $15,000 on a coach or a program in order to be successful in business, but it’s not at ALL true?

I call it the #pinkghetto
And I am on a mission to end it.

My first feature-length book, #nomorepinkghetto is here to help do just that.

  • Create a successful business WITHOUT becoming a clone of another person.
  • Create a successful business WITHOUT having to borrow against your mortgage or on a credit card.
  • Create a successful business that SHINES through as you and pays the Boss-Lady (that’s you) deliciously well.

Welcome to the world of #nomorepinkghetto


Also available in Kindle and audiobook versions.

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The dream of starting your own online business can be alluring:

  1. Choose your own hours
  2. Have a life as well as a business
  3. Make more money than you ever have before. Maybe even whilst sipping cocktails at the beach.

But for far too many women, it seems that reality doesn’t match the dream, particularly when it comes to generating a decent income.

Tash Corbin’s first full-length book, #nomorepinkghetto sets out to end the phenomenon in which brilliant women create amazing service businesses, but aren’t reaping the financial rewards.

Tash says “No More!” and shares with readers why the #pinkghetto exists, and how to create a profitable business. She explores the feminine approach to business and how it is an often untapped competitive advantage in the busy online world of marketing and sales.

These strategies have helped thousands of women in Tash’s online community to be successful from start-up, and lift their businesses out of the #pinkghetto and into abundance… are you ready to do the same for yours?


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